There are so many resources for those wanting to learn about the Ancient World, that it is sometimes hard to know where to begin… or stop. In this section you can find some – or rather – many suggestions to help you on your way. So what can you find here?



Hellenistic History Book Club

Visual material

In the bibliography section, there are extensive academic bibliographical list for all of the periods of Greek and Roman history, complete with thematic subdivisons. For those of you more inspired by comics, colouring books or other visual materials, have a look at the visual arts section. If you are looking for some new and interesting listening material, check out the podcast section. Finally, in the monthly bookclub I pick out a book to read and discuss with all of you. Suggestions are always welcome and can be added to the Amazon wishlist. If you like the work that I’m doing here, you can also gift one of the books on my list!