There are so many figures in Greek mythology. Hundreds of gods and heroes with names so similar, that you would easily get them confused. But some myths and figures are so famous, that they are easily recognizable just by a single object or animal. Can you guess the heroes or gods indicated here? 


#1. Who is this?

While Apollo was seen as among other things the god of the sun, there was also a specific god representing the sun, Helios, who rode his chariot every morning to make the sun rise.

#2. What about this guy?

The son of Apollo, Asclepius was honoured all over Greece as the god of medicine.

#3. Do you recognize this guy?

Atlas was a Titan who was condemned to hold up the celestial skies for all eternity after the Titanomachy. He features in the labours of Hercules and Perseus’ myth.

#4. Who do you think this is? Tip: he is NOT a god.

Yes, I know: wine is connected to Dionysos. But have you not heard about the Trojan prince Zeus swooped up to Mount Olympus to serve as the wine bearer of the gods: Ganymede.

#5. Who is this guy?

Prometheus was one of the Titans, who was said to have created mankind by molding them from clay. Pitying their existence, he gave fire to the humans against the wishes of Gods and was punished for it.

#6. And this guy

While often connected to Perseus, Pegasus was actually tamed by the hero Bellerophon who rode the horse while defeating the Chimera and many other adventures.

#7. And finally, who is this guy supposed to be?

King Midas received the gift to turn anything he touched into gold from the god Dionysos after fostering the satyr Silenus. However, when he disagreed with a decision in a music contest between Pan and Apollo, the latter punished him by giving him donkey’s ears.