Do you think you know all about Greek Mythology? This quiz is tests you on your knowledge of the lesser known women from Greek Mythology. Each time you see a woman with a particular object associated with her and it’s up to you to guess who she is. Ready?


#1. Who is this?

Oh well. It was Pandora with her box of evil spirits that she released onto the world.

#2. Do you know who this is supposed to be?

Dang it. You made a mistake. Did you not recognize Leda and the swan? Leda was seduced by Zeus, disguised as a swan.

#3. Can you identify this woman?

Alas, this is Arachne. The mortal girl who was so good at weaving she challenged Athena to a contest. When Athena saw no flaw, she punished Arachne by turning her into a spider.

#4. Who are we looking for?

Hmmm, the bow really did give it away. Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, never goes anywhere without it.

#5. Who is this?

Well, I can understand your mistake here. You could have thought we were looking for one of the goddesses who thought they were the most beautiful (Aphrodite, Athena or Hera) and thus starting the Trojan War. However, many people tend to forget the goddess behind this little trick: Eris, who was offended she was not invited to the party.

#6. And this?

This is a difficult one. There are several possibilities, but the most important ones were:

  • Aphrodite, who was born from Kronos testicles after they were thrown into the sea by Zeus
  • Lysistrata, who urged the women of Athens to withhold from intercourse to end the Peloponnesian War in Aristophanes’ comedy.

#7. And finally, do you know who were are talking about?

Hmmm, did think this was Penelope? Good guess, but we were looking for Ariadne who helped Theseus cross the Minotaur’s labyrinth with her ball of string.