#1. This famous Greek was born around 540 BC and had a half-brother called Cleomenes. Before fighting bravely during the Persian Wars, he consulted the oracle. He died in 480 BC.

#2. The next one lived between 630 and 560 BC and was born into an aristocratic family. He was named archon and then left his city for ten years to travel extensively. He visited Egypt, Lydia and Cyprus before returning to his reforms. Who was he?

#3. Our third one was born in 450 BC. He was a statesman who was active in the Peloponnesian Wars and was regularly mocked by ancient comics and tragedians for his actions during this conflict. Name that person!

#4. The next person is one of the nine lyric poets and lived from 630 to 570 BC. Most of the poetry was written by this person is lost aside from a few fragments saved from papyri. Catullus famously added another verse to one of the original poems. Who was this person?

#5. The last person was one of Alexander's generals. Initially he supported Perdiccas but ended up betraying him. Through a series of conquests he controlled the largest part of Alexander's empire. Who was he?