#1. This city fought in the Trojan and Peponnesian Wars among many others. It lies in the south of the Peloponnese and was once ruled by a tyrant called Nabis. The main form of government was an oligarchy and among the public institutions was the Gerousia. Name that polis!

#2. The next city lies in Boeotia and was founded by the mythological king Cadmus. Philip II of Macedon was said to have been raised here as a hostage. Name that polis!

#3. The third polis was re-founded by the Greek general Epaminondas and today it is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the Peloponnese. There is a stadium, agora, theatre and a treasury chamber where Philopoemen of Megalopolis died. Name that city!

#4. This next one is polis on the coast of Asia Minor. It was founded by an Athenian prince called Androlkos and housed one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Name that city!

#5. A polis lies on an island in the Mediterranean. Founded in 408 BC by the cities Ialyssos, Lindos and Kamiros. The polis thrived on sea trade and between 304 and 293 BC a huge statue of Helios was built in the Harbour. Name that city!

#6. This city was founded in 368 BC by the Arcadian Koinon and had a unique building called the Thersilion and a huge theatre. The city was an influential member of the Achaean koinon. Name that city!

#7. This Ionic city received a visit from Alexander the Great in 323 BC who dedicated a temple to Athena there. It was founded by colonists from Thebes. Name that polis!

#8. This Western Greek city was 734 or 733 BC by Greek settlers from Corinth and Tenea led by Archias. They produce coins with the image of the nymph Arethousa on it surrounded by dolphins. Name that polis!

#9. This city was originally named Crenides after its establishment by Thanjavur colonists in 360/359 BC. However it was renamed after the conquest of Alexander’s father of the area in 356 BC. During the Romans period the city became the capital of Eastern Macedon. Name that polis!

#10. The final city was the home of one the heroes of the Odyssey. It was on an island and was inhabited by the Romans before it became part of the Byzantine Empire. Name that polis!