#1. The Hellenistic age covers the period between... and...

#2. The term Hellenistic is a modern one. The Greeks did not use this term, but who first coined the term?

#3. At the start of the Hellenistic period there were plenty of wars between the Diadochi, but who were they?

#4. These wars ultimately led to the creation of the Hellenistic kingdoms. Which of the following was NOT a Hellenistic dynasty?

#5. In mainland Greece, the poleis had to deal with the Macedonian kings, but they remained largely independent. They often formed federal states which one of these was NOT a koinon?

#6. A little chronological ordering. Can you put these Ptolemies in the right order? A. Physkon, B. Philadelphos, C. Caesarion, D. Epiphanes

#7. The Altar of Pergamon was built by the Attalids. Aside from this monumental work, they also dedicated a building in Athens. What kind of building was this?

#8. Even after the Successor Wars, the kingdoms did not stop battling one another. The Seleucid king Antiochus III fought several battles against the Ptolemies. Which one of these was an example?

#9. Art continued to flourish during the Hellenistic period with talented sculptors creating dramatic pieces of art. One of the best sculptors of antiquity lived during this period. Who was he?

#10. According to historical sources, Alexander the Great died on the 10th or 11th of June 323 BC, but where did he die?

#11. Throughout the Hellenistic period, Alexandria was a centre of culture and education. What was the name of the world’s largest library?

#12. Which of the Hellenistic kingdoms fought alongside the Greeks in the Chremonidean War in 268 BC?

#13. After the Achaean War In 146 BC Greece became a Roman province, but which famous city was destroyed by the Romans?